Logical 03130 - Reporting - Store Operations - Session View

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Subject Area Concepts

This subject area presents a set of Store Operations reporting and history totals based on Session with its matching SessionTender and SessionTax total entity types.

A Session uses neither a ReportingPeriod nor a SettlementTransaction time-dimension, rather it is bounded by the period of time that an operator is logged-on to a Workstation to perform transactions, i.e., the period of time between a SignOnTransaction and matching SignOffTransaction that are performed by the same cashier at the same POS.

Implementation Note: Ideally, these Session totals are accumulated by the POS and are sent to the Back Office System as part of the POS-Log record of the SignOffTransaction that terminates the Session. This is so that the POS accumulated session totals can be reconciled with the matching Back Office System accumulated Workstation and Operator totals.