Logical 03140 - Reporting - Store Operations - Workstation View

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Subject Area Concepts

The subject area, shown in  Logical 03140 - Store Operations Reporting Workstation View, details how per-Workstation reporting totals can be derived from either the period based workstation history entities (WorkstationHistory, WorkstationTenderHistory or WorkstationTaxHistory) or from the settlement-based session tables (Session, SessionTender and SessionTax).

A third alternative is to derive per-Workstation reporting totals from the settlement-based Till totals and the relevant TillWorkstationAssignment records.  This alternative only works when the retail enterprise does not allow floating Tills that can be used in one Workstation for the first part of a till settlement period, and then may be moved to the Safe while an Operator goes on break; the Till is used in a second Workstation for the second apart of a till settlement period.

The entity diagram here also includes WorkstationTimeActivityPeriodHistory which uses a custom time dimension that is usually in the 6 to 15 minutes range, and stores relatively simple totals such as:

Sales count and monetary totals;

Returns count and monetary totals; and

Count and Percentage of items keyed vs. scanned.

These control totals are typically kept for only a few days (maybe as long as a month), and then purged from the system.  They are used to assist with workforce planning, to define the periods of the day where more staff capacity is required.