Logical 03150 - Reporting - Store Operations - Operator View

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Subject Area Concepts

This subject area, shown in Logical 03150 - Store Operations Reporting Operator View, details how per-Operator reporting totals can be derived from either the period based Operator history tables (OperatorHistory, OperatorTenderHistory or OperatorTaxHistory) or from the settlement based session entities (Session, SessionTender and SessionTax).

A third alternative is to derive per-Operator reporting totals from the settlement-based Till totals and the relevant TillOperatorAssignment records.  This alternative may be particularly useful when the retail enterprise allows floating Tills that can be used in one workstation by the operator for the first part of a till settlement period, and then it may be moved to the Safe while the operator goes on break, and the Till is then used by the same Operator in a second workstation for the second part of the till settlement period.