Logical 03200 - Reporting Sales View

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Subject Area Concepts

The Sales Reporting View and Stock Reporting View, presented in Logical 03200 - Sales and Stock Performance Reporting View and Logical 03300 - Reporting Stock Ledger View answer the following kinds of questions about the retail enterprise's operation:

What were the sales, returns, discount and net revenue by merchandise level (i.e. department, class, etc.) over a given time period for the store?

What is the current inventory on-hand value and unit count by merchandise level at a given point in time?

What are the sales of related items purchased together compared to those purchased individually?

What is the sales to stock ratio for a given period?

In order to be useful to store and corporate office management, sales and stock performance reporting views have to ascribe sales, return, receipts (both in financial terms and operational terms) and other activities to a ReportingPeriod.  Also, they have to summarize item-level information into meaningful groupings of merchandise items to help managers identify sales and stock behavior patterns.