Logical 04300 - Financial Ledger - Inventory Control View

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Subject Area Concepts

Logical 04300 - Financial ledger Inventory Control View summarizes and retains the financial outcomes of the following transactions:

Net movement of the value of inventory recorded through the back door (stock receipts and transfers-in less any transfers-out and returns to vendors); and

The current inventory value that is derived from the StockLedgerAccount.

InventoryControlDocuments produce FinancialTransactionJournalEntrys in the same way that Transactions do.  These financial ledger journal entries are posted to the financial ledger.  The various InventoryControlDocumentLineItem types provide the basis for generating each journal entry (much like the transaction line items in RetailTransactions).

The ICDMerchandiseLineItems are posted to:

ItemInventory via ItemInventoryJournalEntry;

StockLedgerAccount via StockLedgerJournalEntry (if applicable); and

FinancialLedger via FinancialLedgerJournalEntry (if applicable).