Logical 05200 - Taxation - Retail Transaction View

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Subject Area Concepts

The Logical 05200 - Taxation Retail Transaction View shows the outbound view of taxation, or where merchandise is transferred from the retailer to a customer.  The Taxation - Retail Transaction View of the data model presents the entities and relationships required to report the sales tax charged in the course of processing a retail transaction.  The model allows for sales tax collection to be reported on a per-line item or per-transaction basis.

When a retailer involved in a transaction is shipping merchandise to a customer in a different location than the Retail store making the sale, the delivery location may be in a different TaxRegion (set of TaxJurisdictions).  There will need to be a determination of which tax region’s tax rules will apply.  The Site where the sale occurred may be mapped to a TaxRegion through the entity PhysicalLocationTaxRegionAssociation.  The delivery location will commonly be identified by an address or set of coordinates.  Addresses may be mapped to a known location through the entity GeophysicalLocationAddress.