Logical 05400 - Taxation - Reporting View

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Subject Area Concepts

The Taxation - Reporting View of the model, shown in  Logical 05400 - Taxation Reporting View presents the sales tax summary tables, which roll up the various sales taxes that are collected from customers and paid to suppliers.  Sale tax summary entity types include:

StoreTaxHistory is the store level tax summary for a ReportingPeriod;

WorkstationTaxHistory is the workstation tax summary for a ReportingPeriod;

OperatorTaxHistory is the operator tax summary for a ReportingPeriod;

SessionTax, which is a Session-level tax summary (in this case for a tender reconciliation period); and

TillTaxHistory, or the till-level tax summary (for a tender reconciliation period).

Each of these summaries provides a tactical control view of tax collections at the retail point of sale.  This information is essential to support retailer tax reporting in the event of an audit by a tax authority.  Tax reporting is a logical extension of transaction history reporting  used for tender control and sales audit purposes.

To further support tax reporting, the model identifies the relationship back to the tax rules that the summaries are based on, as well as how the tax rules are associated to the details of the actual taxable events that triggered the rule.