Logical 06500 - Time Groups View

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Subject Area Concepts

The Time Groups View subject area presents the core time group entities and the different ways they are applied.  The core entities consist of TimePeriod which designates a weekday, starting time and time duration (both a count and units of time).  A time period, by design is assumed to fall within a week day.  Individual TimePeriod instances may be joined into named sets of time intervals represented by TimeGroup.  The join is implemented through the TimeGroupTimePeriod associative entity type. TimeGroup can be used to designate a named set of time intervals for scheduling, designating worker availability, defining no-sale times, establishing time limits for promotions (e.g. door buster morning sales), etc.  

As noted in the Logical 06100 - Calendar View subject area time groups are applied to business unit scheduling as well as the other kinds of named rules and conditions shown in the entity relationship diagram.