Logical 06600 - Language Support

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Subject Area Concepts

The Language Support subject area provides basic translation reference tables for Item and Tender information.  The  Item source language (i.e., the language data is stored in in the Item and other master data tables) information is translated using the TranslationItem entity which indicates the target language.  The Item.ItemName and Item.Description attributes in Item are translated.  All other Item owned attribute and foreign keys are not translated.  The TranslationTender table works similarly except it only translates Tender.Description.

In addition to the language translation cross reference entities, this subject are also provides an associated reason for supporting a translation relationship through the TranslationReason entity type.  There is also an entity TranslationErrorCode to associate translation errors with a retailer defined ErrorCode and message.

Many solutions for translating user interfaces are available outside the database layer of a retail system solution stack.  With this in mind, ARTS adopted a fairly limited approach to building translation into the data model.