Logical 07020 - Enterprise Anonymous Customer

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Subject Area Concepts

Anonymous customers are unidentified organizations and people that purchase products and services from a retailer.   This subject area establishes a framework for handling these unidentified parties.  It is likely that it will be extended as ARTS expands its coverage of key performance indicators and performance measures.

In ARTS anonymous customers are represented by an entity called Anonymous.  An Anonymous entity type is a subtype of Party used to handle people and organizations that conduct business with a retailer without revealing any identifying or contact information.  It is primarily intended to support the notion of anonymous customers and provide a basis to establish different varieties of anonymous customers for the purpose of behavioral segmentation.  It is important to note that while other PartyTypes reference real world people and organizations, this one represents a "collective" of unknown people and organizations.  It provides a point of reference for identifying WHO is involved in transactions when individual people and organizations are not known.

The intent of creating the Anonymous entity type is to designate a special kind of party that identifies and names a retailer designated "persona" or pseudo person or organization that, while not identified, can be defined as a collection of behaviors, purchasing patterns, tender usage patterns, etc.  Anonymous "personas" are created from retailer analytics that ferret out statistically and financially significant patterns which may be referred to as a named persona.  While not as good as identified customers, these personas will allow a retailer to assign most unidentified customers to an Anonymous party and use it in reporting and analysis to improve retail business performance.