Logical 07200 - Customer Purchase Transaction History View

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Subject Area Concepts

The Logical 07200 Customer Purchase Transaction History View subject area contains the transactional fact entities used to build a quantitative profile of customer buying behaviors.  Accordingly, it is an important input into defining an active customer's ConsumerConversionState.  By definition this subject area is dealing with consumers who have reached a "customer state".  It is concerned with tracking active customer sub-states (introduced in the Consumer-Customer Journey topic).  

Figure 23 - Customer Sub-states Example


In this illustration, the sub-states for active customers match their valuation grades.  This is a typical approach to categorizing customers into best, better, good, mediocre and so on for prioritizing customer analysis efforts and demand generation investments.  The important point is that this categorization of customers into valuation tiers is based on behavioral observations pulled out of RetailTransaction and RetailTransactionLineItem entities.  The ARTS ODM 7.0/7.1 captures the facts as operational data and refactors and aggregates that data for loading into the ARTS DWM 3.0 where it is used to analyze and understand customer behavioral patterns.

The use of RetailTransaction in this subject area is applied to assigning the customer to lifecycle states based on retailer defined behavioral patterns.  Accordingly. it overlaps with the more general treatment of behavior in Logical 07040 - Customer Segment Dependent Behavior.  The key distinction between these two complementary subject areas is the emphasis on how retail transactions are used to detect customer state changes here (Logical 07200)  versus a more general understanding of customer behavior that is demonstrated by category purchasing patterns, market basket analysis, brand preferences, etc. in Logical 07040.