Logical 07610 - Customer Order - Maintenance View

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Subject Area Concepts

Customer order maintenance is completed through the CustomerOrderControlTransaction and CustomerOrderControlTransactionLineItem entities.  As discussed earlier in Customer Order, both the current state and historical changes are maintained for customer orders and customer order line items.

This subject area is very similar to the Logical 07600 - Customer Order Macro View subject area.  In its current form, ARTS maintains a history of CustomerOrder and CustomerOrderLineItem state changes (see Logical 7600 - Customer Order Macro View - Customer Order Status for details).  State changes in this context includes things like, cancellation, expedite, backorder and other retailer designated status conditions.

This subject area highlights the customer order and customer order line item state change entities in the yellow block.  Customer orders are documents that span multiple shipment, invoicing and settlement actions.  For example a partially shipped  customer order (depending on the retailer's policies) could have unfulfilled, unshipped line items canceled.  This structure allows retailers to handle these kinds of scenarios.

The non-state attributes are maintained in a current state.  That means all attribute values are changed in place and no history of changes, beyond the state changes, is maintained in the data model.