Logical 10110 - Enterprise - Location Retailer Organization View

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Subject Area Concepts

The Logical 10110 – Enterprise Location Groups View shows the abstract structure which allows the retailer to define a number of different hierarchies of stores and distribution centers within the enterprise independently of each other. BusinessUnitGroupFunction defines the business processes that require their own private hierarchy of BusinessUnitGroups, for example: "Sales Reporting", "Merchandise Availability", "Pricing Zones" etc. BusinessUnitGroupLevel allows each business unit group function to define its own sequence of levels.  The sales reporting business unit group function may have various levels, including Cluster, District, State, Region, Country and Zone; while the merchandising availability business unit group function may have levels encompassing City, State and Country.

Implementation Note: because the BusinessUnitGroup hierarchy already contains one many-to-many recursive relationship AssociatedBusinessUnitGroup, the model does not include a second many-to-many resolving relationship that could conceivably be placed between BusinessUnit and BusinessUnitGroup. If an enterprise is going to implement more than one business unit group hierarchy, then each business unit will be placed into a business unit group that contains only that particular business unit. From there the associated business unit group entity is used to build the required hierarchies.