Logical 10115 - Enterprise - Business Unit Groups Hierarchy View

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Subject Area Concepts

Retail organizations are typically arranged as a hierarchy of functions with defined responsibilities and authority to make and execute business decisions.  This subject area contains the entities and relationships retailers use to describe their organization.  A BusinessUnitGroup entity represent aggregations of stores, warehouses, administrative offices, buying offices and any other retailer BusinessUnit entities into a named hierarchy.  The AssociatedBusinessUnitGroup entity establishes the linkages needed to organize BusinessUnitGroup instances into  parents and children and the BusinessUnitGroupLevel names and specifies the number of levels in a hierarchy.

Retailers may set up multiple business unit hierarchies using the BusinessUnitGroupFunction entity.  Each instance of a BusinessUnitGroupFunction entity establishes a distinct hierarchy root.  Retailers using the ARTS model have used this feature to define geographic breakdowns of their business and brand breakdowns of their business. Each hierarchy supports a different way to aggregate and analyze business unit sales, costs and other data required to support retail decision making.