Logical 20040 - Forecourt History View

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Subject Area Concepts

The Forecourt History View, shows the summaries that are needed to reconcile a set of "Prepay" and "Postpay" FuelSalesLineItem entities, with the set of FuelingTransaction entities that have happened during a period of time.

Prepay FuelSalesLineItems are used to authorize one or more nozzles on a FuelingPoint. The PrepayHistory entity, summarizes the pre-pays performed during a fiscal period by FuelingPoint.  Similarly, NozzleFuelingTransactionHistory summarizes the fueling transactions performed on each Nozzle.

A ForecourtSettlementTransaction is usually performed daily and sometimes twice daily.  A forecourt settlement involves a complex four-way reconciliation between, FuelingTransactions, StockMeterReadings, SalesMeterReadings, and a PhysicalInventoryEvent for the underground storage tanks.  The object of the exercise is to verify that all of the technology is actually working and that none of the underground tanks has sprung a leak.

The PumpTest, entity records a regulatory or retailer test of a fuel pump's SalesMeter accuracy.  Pump test is a type of ForeCourtTransaction that is supported in the ARTS XML POSLOG and is added here to bring the data model up to date.