Major New Features and Extensions

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Introduction of Explicit Lifecycle Subject Areas

ARTS ODM V7.3 extends support for customer rewards, customer rebates, stored value instruments, customer order delivery and customer membership programs and accounts.  It also incorporates improved support for layaway processing, installment accounts and retailer proprietary stored value media accounts.

ARTS ODM Version 7.3 Major Enhancements

Replaced Logical 01400 - Item Price Derivation - Transaction Level with New 01400 - Item Rewards Derivation - Transaction Level

The ODM V7.2 Logical 01400 Item Price Derivation subject area addressed promotional price changes but did not support customer membership based rewards.  The new subject area, Logical 01400 - Item Rewards Derivation - Transaction Level, integrates the original promotional rewards with newly modeled customer membership accounts and rebates.  It provides a more comprehensive treatment of retailer customer rewards and is supported with a collection of use cases.  This is a major improvement to the earlier versions of the ODM.

Reward eligibility rules (which applied only to promotions in ARTS V7.2) are now applicable to customer membership accounts which may or may not have promotions associated with them.  Customer account support is extended to support paid subscription memberships as well as free loyalty memberships.  As modeled, a retailer may have one or more different kinds of subscription and customer loyalty membership programs and accounts.  Only loyalty membership programs were supported in V7.2.

Replaced Logical 01420 - Item Price Derivation - Transaction Level  With 01420 - Prepaid and Stored Value Instruments Subject Area

ODM V7.3 adds explicit support for prepaid and stored value instruments.  Earlier versions of the ARTS model lacked support for stored value instrument accounts and stored value instruments.  The Stored Value Instruments topic (which includes Logical 01420) discusses the concepts behind ARTS new support for stored value instruments.  It includes both the sale/activation and the redemption of gift cards and other kinds of stored value media.  Additionally, it establishes tender control transactions to address non-retail sale stored value instrument transactions like activation, inquiry, cancellation, cashing out, authorization, etc.

Added Logical 02302 - Retail Transaction Documents

This new subject area explicitly represents different retail point of sale documents as separate entity types.  In previous versions of the model, documents are assumed to be represented by retail transaction entity types.  In ODM V7.3 they are modeled explicitly and more accurately represent rainchecks, bounce back coupons, rebate claim documents, reward vouchers, gift certificates, etc.  These represent separate objects created as part of a retail transaction with their own identities.  Also, the digital image representation of the document is included as a separate entity.  See Logical 02302 - Retail Transaction - Documents for details.

Revised Logical 07010 - Customer Account Information Extended Subject Area

The Logical 07010 - Customer Information - Extended View subject area reorganizes and rationalizes Customer Account entities and relationships.  It includes the new customer membership account entities which replace the limited customer loyalty account entities.  The purpose of the upgrade is to allow retailers to represent both paid subscription as well as free customer loyalty membership programs and related customer accounts.  The Logical 07010 - Customer Information - Extended View topic and sub-topics provide a detailed description.

Added Logical 07602 - Customer Order Delivery Subject Area

ARTS ODM V7.3 adds a new Customer Order subject area, Logical 07602 - Customer Order - Delivery.  It adds an explicit representation of shipping container and carrier account.  It enhances the descriptive information about shipments and delivery activities and documents.