Customer Membership Programs and Rewards

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Theme Concepts

Customer membership programs, promotional programs, rebates and the like are all aimed at influencing customer behavior by offering different kinds of rewards.  This section of the ARTS ODM Narrative discusses the approach ARTS uses to model customer membership and reward programs.  As used here:

Reward programs encompasses benefits that are offered to customers based on their enrollment in an account;

Reward programs may include promotional programs that provide discounts and other benefits to all customers whether they have an account or not;  and

Combinations where special discounts are offered to specific customers based on their account association.

A detailed discussion of customer accounts is presented in Logical 07010.01 - Party to Customer Account Mapping.  This section will dive deeper into customer membership and rebate accounts which are typically more closely associated with rewards than other kinds of accounts.  Customer accounts, by registering customers enable retailers to offer discretionary rewards based on the frequency, value and volume of customer actions.  The entity model shown here with circled numbers is an overview of the ARTS ODM approach to modeling customer membership programs and rewards.  The flow of the narrative discussion is indicated by the circled numbers.

Figure 24 - Overview of Customer Membership and Rewards