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Theme Concepts

The ARTS Operational Data Model organizes retail taxation into six distinct subject areas.  They include:

Logical 05000 – Taxation Macro View;

Logical 05050 – Taxation Registration and Certification View;

Logical 05100 – Taxation Rules View;

Logical 05200 – Taxation Retail Transaction View;

Logical 05300 – Taxation Inventory Control Document View; and

Logical 05400 – Taxation Reporting View.

The Logical 05000 - Taxation Macro View presents an overview of the ARTS tax entities and attributes.

The macro view presents a context for exploring taxation within the ARTS Operational Data Model.  However, the taxation aspect of the ARTS Operational Data Model can be more fully understood by looking at the five lower level views of taxation.  The diagram here illustrates the primary taxation functions supported by the ARTS Operational Data Model.  Taxes on inbound and outbound item movement are supported in the data model.

Figure 85 - Taxation Functions Represented in ARTS ODM V7.3