Use Case 1 ARTS Club Elite Member October Bonanza

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Business Description

ARTS CLUB is offering Elite Members an October Bonanza special.  On any retail transaction with a retail value of $750 or more (after any other discounts are subtracted) will earn a $50 gift card and 5,000 Club Points.  The October Bonanza special runs from October 1, 2016 through October 31, 2016.  This offer is only available to ARTS CLUB Elite members.

This is a Transaction-level Reward.  It has a RewardDerivationRule.MinimumTotalAmount value of $750.  Its benefit to the customer consists of two parts.  Part 1 is the customer receives an instant reward of a $50 gift card.  Part 2 is a deferred reward of 5000 points added to their customer membership account balance.  Each benefit "part" in this scenario constitutes a Reward.


The $50 gift card is a retailer proprietary, closed stored value card where the liability for unearned revenue is carried on the retailer's books.  This determines the accounting disposition for the gift card.


The following conditions must be satisfied within a RetailTransaction to derive this Reward

The customer must be an ARTS CLUB Elite Member.  This specification consists to two distinct RewardEligibilityRules linked together by an "AND" conjunction.


There are two RewardDerivation rules associated with this reward.

The first RewardDerivationRule assigns a fixed value of $50 if the transaction retail value is greater than or equal to $750; and

The second RewardDerivationRule assigns a fixed value of 5,000 points if the transaction retail value is greater than or equal to $750.


The two reward derivations require the creation of two CustomerRewardLineItem instances (which are part of the RetailTransaction).

The first will record the gift card issue of $50 to the customer; and

The second will record the earning and accrual of 5000 points.

Accounting Disposition

Only the gift card issue involves an accounting disposition within the scope of the current transaction.  For this scenario the $50 is reflected on the books a a reduction in sales revenue and a $50 credit to unearned gift card revenue.

Worked Entity Attribute Value Example

The next figure presents filled in entities.  The values are made up examples designed to show how the reward scenario rules will be stored in the ARTS ODM entities.

Figure 46 - Use Case 1 - ARTS Club Elite Member October Bonanza