Use Case 4 Buy One Get One (BOGO Example)

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Business Description

This use case illustrates a buy one get one pattern.  Buy 5 or more of Item A (SKU 34980) get the next 5 at 50% off.  Retailers employ many different variations of the buy x get y promotional pattern.  This use case illustrates a pattern that involves a range of values with a cap on the total number of items purchased in a single transaction.

This sale is limited to a maximum of 10 Item A's per retail transaction.

This promotion is open to ALL customers.


This special deal starts October 16, 2016 and runs through October 22, 2016.

The point of sale system inserts a SaleReturnLineItem row for each instance of an item scanned.


The following conditions must be satisfied within a RetailTransaction to derive this Reward

The SaleReturnLineItem must be purchasing Item A (SKU 34980) to be eligible for reward derivation


There is one RewardDerivationRules associated with this reward.

Reward derivation is straight forward.  For the 5th through 10th Item A (SKU 34980) purchased a 50% discount is applied.

The rule sets a maximum retail selling unit sell quantity limit of 10.


Each instance of an Item A (SKU 34980) will create a separate SaleReturnLineItem and, based on the RewardDerivationRule, a RetailPriceModifier will be inserted.

Accounting Disposition

This is point of sale markdown and will be treated as a discount to balance the transaction.

Worked Entity Attribute Value Example

The next figure presents filled in entities.  The values are made up examples designed to show how the reward scenario rules will be stored in the ARTS ODM entities.

Figure 49 - Use Case 4 - Buy One Get One (BOGO Example)