Use Case 7 Brand Funded Instant Rebate

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Business Description

This use case presents a Brand-funded promotion that promotes Brand W item AE (SKU 23889) and related accessories offering an instant rebate of $5.

The "related accessories" is composed of two criteria.  The first is that the item merchandise hierarchy must be a Class ACC and the second is that the item must be Brand W.

The offer has a limit of one reward per transaction.

The offer is open to ALL customers.


The promotion runs from October 16, 2016 through October 22, 2016;

The offer applies only to the Brand W Item AE (SKU 23889) and related accessory items (merchandise hierarchy Class ACC, Brand W items);

The eligibility rules require looking at two separate SaleReturnLineItem instances;

Only one reward may be applied in a RetailTransaction; and

The reward is open to all customers.


The following conditions must be satisfied within a RetailTransaction to derive this Reward

The items purchase must be Brand W AND;

One item must be Brand W Item AE (SKU 23889) AND;

A second item must be an ACC Class (merchandise hierarchy) AND it must be Brand W.


The derivation requires that the customer purchase 3 or more Brand W AE (SKU 23880) items;

The derivation is an instant reward of $5 which is disposed of as a rebate line item


A CustomerRewardLineItem and a CustomerRewardRebateLineItem (extension) to capture the rebate

Accounting Disposition

This reward is accounted for as an externally sponsored rebate which means it is treated as a bill back, receivable item.

Worked Entity Attribute Value Example

The next figure presents filled in entities.  The values are made up examples designed to show how the reward scenario rules will be stored in the ARTS ODM entities.

Figure 52 - Use Case 7 - Brand Funded Instant Rebate