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Robotics-DTF Organization

Technical Working Groups: 

Domain WG:
  • Robotic Functional Services WG
    Co-Chairs: Koji Kamei (ATR) and Toshio Hori(AIST)
    Since 2006.04.26 (St. Louis Meeting)
    ex: Co-Chair: Su-Young Chi (ETRI) - 2012?
    ex: Co-Chair: Miki Sato (JARA/ATR)  - 2010.12.13
  • Infrastructure WG
    Co-Chairs: Noriaki Ando (AIST), Makoto Sekiya (Honda R&D) and Beom-Su Seo (ETRI)
    Since 2006.04.26 (St. Louis Meeting)
  • Hardware Abstraction Layer WG
    Chair: Kenichi Nakamura (JASA)
    since 2013.06.18 (Berlin Meeting)
  • Modelling for Robotics WG
    Co-Chairs: Takeshi Sakamoto (Technologic Arts), Laurent Rioux (THARES), and Toby McClean (Zeligsoft)
    Mailing List: omg-model (at)
    Since 2010.06.22 (Minneapolis Meeting)
Mission WG:
  • Robotic Localization Service (RLS) WG
    Co-Chairs: Jaeyeong Lee  (ETRI), Yeon-Ho Kim (Samsung), and Shuichi Nishio (JARA/ATR)
    Since 2007.09.26 (Jacksonville Meeting)
  • Robotic Interaction Service (RoIS) Framework WG
    Co-Chairs: Toshio Hori (AIST), Su-young Chi (ETRI) and Koji Kamei (JARA/ATR)
    Since 2011.06 (Salt Lake City Meeting)
    ex-Co-chair: Miki Sato (JARA/ATR)  2010.06 (Salt Lake City Meeting) - 2010.12 (Santa Clara Meeting)

Steering Committee:

  • Publicity Sub-Committee
    Co-Chairs: Abheek Bose (ADAsoftware),
    Since 2006.02.? (Tampa Meeting)
  • Contacts Sub-Committee
    Co-Chairs: Makoto Mizukawa (Shibaura Inst. of Tech.) and Young-Jo Cho (ETRI)
    Since 2006.06.28 (Boston Meeting)

Mission Completed: 


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