ARTS XML Video Analytics RFC

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This RFC enables multi-vendor interoperability for advanced analytics like facial recognition, people/demographic counting, and hazard identification. The communication standard enables technologies to capture and analyze video, and share the results with other systems. Examples include; software that recommends specific offers to shoppers who are recognized to be enrolled in a retailer's loyalty program, or an alert sent to a clerk if there is a problem in an aisle

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RFC Issued December 8, 2017
Relevant documents:
retail/17-12-16 (ARTS XML Video Analytics RFC updated inventory)
retail/17-12-13 (ARTS XML Video Analytics RFC)
retail/17-11-08 (Video Analytics Domain Model)
retail/17-11-07 (ARTS XML Schema Files ZIP for RFC)
RFC Public Comment Deadline February 19, 2018

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National Retail Federation