BMI Requirements Management RFI

Status: RFI Response Deadline has passed.


TF Chairs: Mr. Fred A. Cummins Mr. Claude Baudoin

Various organizations model business and technical requirements using their own structure, semantics, and languages, or using commercial tools that implement an implicit or explicit, proprietary model of requirements and their attributes. OMG previously defined a standard for the interchange of requirements, ReqIF (see Appendix A). This does not create a standard requirement model or language. Requirements are usually captured in the form of natural language sentences. A standard model and/or language to capture and manage business requirements has been on the roadmap of the BMI DTF for the last couple of years. Such a standard would, among other benefit: - Better define the meaning of requirements exchanged between the various parties involved in a supply chain. - Enable users to move their entire requirements model (not just a ReqIF extract) across requirements management tools, avoiding lock-in. - Enable analysis tools to validate requirements (e.g., in terms of their completeness and consistency) or to generate test scenarios

RFI Issued September 27, 2019
Relevant documents:
bmi/19-09-02 (Requirements Management RFI)
RFI Response Deadline February 24, 2020Deadline extended at the Long Beach meeting, old date was December 6, 2019

RFI Response List:

February 24, 2020
Relevant documents:
bmi/20-02-04 (Boeing response to the BMI Requirements Management RFI)