BMI Risk Management RFI

Status: RFI has been issued; responses pending.


TF Chairs: Mr. Fred A. Cummins Mr. Claude Baudoin

Specifications related to the modeling of risk management has been on the roadmap of the BMI DTF for the last few years. Various organizations maintain risk models using their own structure and semantics, and each risk modeling or analysis tool is based on an explicit or implicit model of how to describe risk and its attributes. A common risk metamodel (i.e., a model of how risk models are structured) would enable several usage scenarios: - enable consistent reporting to regulatory authorities (in a formal, computer-readable, auditable format), with common semantics across reporting entities; - enable the aggregation of risk across divisions and organizations, for example combining risk models from suppliers in order to create a complete risk model for a supply chain - enable users to move their risk models across risk modeling and analysis tools, avoiding lock-in. Several factors are contributing to the determination that a specific effort is needed at this point, and that it should start with an RFI.

RFI Issued September 27, 2019
Relevant documents:
bmi/19-08-01 (Risk Management RFI)
RFI Response Deadline December 6, 2019

RFI Response List:

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