FIBO Version 2 RFC

Status: The FAX Vote has completed.


TF Chairs: Ms. Bobbin Teegarden Mr. Mike Bennett Prof. Robert Nehmer

IPR Mode: Non-Assert

RFC Issued September 28, 2018
Relevant documents:
finance/18-09-30 (Revised Inventory)
finance/18-09-29 (FIBO 2 RFC Annex J: Securities - Errata3)
finance/18-09-28 (FIBO 2 RFC Annex G: Indices and Indicators - Errata3)
finance/18-09-27 (FIBO 2 RFC Annex F: Foundations - Errata3)
finance/18-09-26 (FIBO 2 RFC Annex E: Financial Business and Commerce - Errata3)
finance/18-09-25 (FIBO 2 RFC Annex D: Derivatives - Errata3)
finance/18-09-24 (FIBO 2 RFC Annex B: Business Entities - Errata3)
finance/18-09-23 (FIBO v2 RFC)
finance/18-09-22 (FIBO v2 RFC - Errata2-Redline)
finance/18-09-01 (FIBO v2.0 additional ancillary file)
finance/18-08-15 (XMI-serialized Conceptual Model (informative) with Conceptual Modeling profile applied)
finance/18-08-14 (Conceptual Model (ancillary) in UML (Magic Draw v18.5) with CCM profile applied)
finance/18-08-05 (FIBO v2 RFC - RDF/XML-serialized OWL Metadata Ontologies (informative))
finance/18-08-04 (FIBO v2 RFC - RDF/XML-serialized OWL Ontologies (normative))
finance/18-08-02 (FIBO v2 RFC cover letter)
RFC Public Comment Deadline November 12, 2018