Mission Control Message Specification RFC

Status: RFC has been issued.

Contact: space@omg.org

TF Chairs: Mr. Brad Kizzort Mr. Luis Rodriguez

IPR Mode: Non-Assert

This RFC is intended to establish common format specifications to allow for common data exchange interfaces to integrate satellite mission ground data system products from multiple vendors and system developers. Under this RFC, one ground station could serve numerous satellites.

RFC Issued March 23, 2018
Relevant documents:
space/18-03-02 (Updated MCMS RFC Inventory file)
space/18-03-01 (MCMS RFC - Section 0)
space/18-02-05 (C2MS zip file for XML schemas)
space/18-02-04 (MCMS MagicDraw (.mdzip) convenience document for UML model)
space/18-02-03 (MCMS XMI of the model file for UML model in the specification)
space/18-02-02 (MCMS RFC - cover letter)
space/18-02-01 (Proposed Mission Control Message Specification (MCMS) RFC)
LOI Deadline March 23, 2018
RFC Comment May 9, 2018
Relevant documents:
rfc-com/18-05-01 (Kratos RFC comments regarding the MSMS RFC)
RFC Public Comment Deadline May 21, 2018

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