Product Knowledge Framework (PKF) RFI

Status: RFI has been issued; responses pending.


TF Chairs: Mr. Uwe Kaufmann Mr. Christian Muggeo

RFI Issued June 21, 2019
Relevant documents:
mantis/19-06-01 (Product Knowledge Framework (PKF) RFI)
RFI Response Deadline November 8, 2021Deadline set to 4 weeks prior to the June 2020 meeting. Deadline extended at the June 2020 virtual meeting, old date was May 25, 2020. Deadline extended at the December 2020 virtual TC meeting, old date was November 8, 2020

RFI Response List:

Mondragon University
March 17, 2021
Relevant documents:
mantis/21-03-01 (Mondragon University response to the Product Knowledge Framework (PKF) RFI)
April 2, 2020
Relevant documents:
mantis/20-04-01 (Boeing response to the Product Knowledge Framework (PKF) RFI)