Disposable Self Sovereign Identities (SSID) RFI

Status: RFI Response Deadline has passed.

Contact: mars@omg.org

TF Chairs: Mr. Peter Denno Mrs. Charlotte Wales

This RFI aims to gain a better understanding of the self-sovereign identity space. In particular, the Blockchain PSIG is exploring the potential for standards setting in the area of contextually constrained or 'disposable' self-sovereign identity arrangements, building on top of existing W3C standards for self-sovereign identity [DID] and verifiable credentials [VC]. The aim of this RFI is to determine whether new standards for this specific aspect of self-sovereign identity are necessary, desirable and timely, and are not already being developed elsewhere. We also aim to learn as much as we can about the overall problem space in order to fully understand the context of any standards the OMG proposes to develop and for which it issues requests for proposals (RFP).

RFI Issued December 11, 2020
Relevant documents:
mars/20-12-20 (Disposable Self Sovereign Identities (SSID) RFI)
RFI Response Deadline March 31, 2021

RFI Response List:

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