Tools Output Integration Framework RFC

Status: The FAX Vote has completed.


TF Chairs: Ms. Djenana Campara Dr. Ben A. Calloni

The Tools Output Integration Framework (TOIF) RFC provides a standards-based environment that integrates the outputs of multiple static analysis tools in a single uniform view of vulnerability information. Cyber security professionals, responsible for managing risks of software intensive systems, will find that TOIF-enabled static analysis tools and other TOIF-enabled tools provide enhanced vulnerability detection capability that builds upon both commercial and open source tools.

RFC Issued December 8, 2017
Relevant documents:
sysa/17-12-08 (TOIF Inventory file)
sysa/17-12-06 (TOIF Clean UML XMI)
sysa/17-12-05 (MagicDraw model)
sysa/17-12-04 (EMF XMI definition for TOIF)
sysa/17-12-03 (TOIF XMI schema)
sysa/17-12-02 (EMOF XMI definition for TOIF)
sysa/17-12-01 (Tools Output Integration Framework (TOIF) RFC)
sysa/17-11-07 (TOIF RFC cover letter)
LOI Deadline December 8, 2017
RFC Public Comment Deadline February 19, 2018

LOI List:

KDM Analytics  
Lockheed Martin  
No Magic, Inc.