Web Services for Point of Service V 1.3.1 RFC

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Contact: retail@omg.org

TF Chairs: Mr. Bart McGlothin Mr. John Glaubitz Mr. Leonid Rubakhin


Rhis RFC submission provides retail devices, POS terminals and servers with the capabilities to interoperate in a detached, dynamic network, as well as in more typical local area networks (LANs). WS-POS enables POS devices such as printers, scales and scanners to be connected to multiple transaction touch points such as POS terminals, mobile devices, and virtual POS terminals anywhere in the store or enterprise. With WS-POS, retailers can reduce their expenses by sharing POS device peripherals like printers and scanners across multiple POS terminals

RFC Issued March 23, 2018
Relevant documents:
retail/18-03-15 (RFC for WS-POS Ver 1.3.1 - CHANGEBAR Version)
retail/18-03-14 (RFC for WS-POS Ver 1.3.1)
retail/18-03-13 (RFC Cover Letter for WS-POS 1.3.1)
retail/18-03-12 (RFC Inventory for WS-POS 1.3.1)
retail/18-02-10 (WS-POS1.3.1XSD.zip)
retail/18-02-09 (WS-POS1.3.1WSDL.zip)
retail/18-02-08 (WS-POS1.3.1WCFContract.zip)
retail/18-02-07 (WS-POS1.3.1JAX-WSContract.zip)
retail/18-02-06 (WS-POSVer.1.3.1 Technical Specification ClassDiagram.)
retail/18-02-05 (Readme file for retail/2018-02-04)
retail/18-02-04 (WS-POS Files 1.3.1 zip archive)
LOI Deadline March 23, 2018
RFC Public Comment Deadline May 21, 2018

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