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Systems Engineering Conceptual Model


Development of the Systems Engineering (SE) Conceptual Model is a joint effort between the INCOSE, the ISO AP-233 project, and the SE DSIG. The SE Conceptual Model captures the essential concepts of systems engineering (e.g. function, system, requirement). in the form of a information model which is expressed as a UML class diagram. The SE DSIG uses this model as an input to the requirements for UML for Systems Engineering. The AP-233 project uses this model as a high level design from which it derives the detailed requirements for the data interchange standard which supports tool interoperability.

Early versions of the model were developed by the AP-233 project and the predecessor SEDRES project, as indicated in the Model History chart below. Julian Johnson first presented a version of this model to the SE DSIG at the Anaheim OMG Technical Meeting in January, 2002. At that meeting, it was agreed that Dave Oliver would lead a team to further evolve the model. The concept model includes the UML class diagram, a semantic dictionary which defines each of the model entities, and an issue log, which is intended to provide a systematic means to capture and disposition issues raised against the model.

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The following artifacts support the SE Conceptual Model Development:

Model History:

Initial Baselines:

  • SE Conceptual Model (Feb 06, 2002) (syseng/2002-02-01) - J. Johnson/J. Bedocs

  • AP-233/SEDRES Model, Working Draft #5, 2001.

Draft 6 Baseline:

SE DSIG Inputs to Draft 6:

Draft 7 Baseline:

Draft 8 Baseline:


Draft 9 Baseline:

SE UML/Semantic Dictionary Definitions Review - January 10, 2003:

Draft 11 Baseline:

Draft 12 Baseline:






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