SE DSIG Coordination


Development of the Systems Engineering (SE) UML for SE requirements will require significant coordination with other OMG related efforts. The SE DSIG will develop a technology roadmap which addresses how this effort will be integrated with other related technologies, such as UML profiles related to real time, EDOC, and others. The near term focus is to begin to coordinate with UML V2.0 submission teams.

UML 2.0 Collaboration:

Roger Burkhart was identified at the January SE DSIG meeting as the point of contact for coordinating with the UML 2.0 activity.  As a result of Roger’s initial coordination, it was clear that there is real interest on the part of the UML 2.0 Submission teams to begin to assess the extent to which their submissions are addressing systems engineering concerns, and where practical, to make the necessary changes to ensure the concerns are addressed. A meeting was held prior to the Orlando meeting with one of the submission teams (U2P) to begin the dialogue. R

Roger invited three of the core Submission Teams to a working session at the Orlando meeting to share the SE DSIG plans, confirm the Submission Team level of interest, and discuss approaches for collaboration. Sandy provided a brief SE DSIG / UML V2.0 Discussion  overview (syseng/2002-06-30). It was shared amongst all the participants that this two way dialogue will provide real benefits to both the systems and software communities.  All three submission teams provided a point of contact to work with the SE DSIG, and coordinate with Roger on follow-up activity. In particular, we highlighted the UML for SE Requirements Analysis document as our working document, which we would make available to each submission team for their evaluation and use.

The following artifacts support the SE DSIG / UML 2.0 Collaborations:

SEDSIG-U2P Workgroup

  • SEDSIG Inputs to U2P (link is no longer active to U2P page)
    • SEDSIG Proposal Assessment (2/17/03) (link is no longer active)

2U Input: The following was an input provided by Alan Moore, from Artisan, as a potential superstructure submission from  the 2 U team. Alan provided to the SE DSIG chair on December 4, 2002.

2U Potential Superstructure Submission