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Requirements Analysis for UML for SE


The Requirements Analysis for UML for Systems Engineering (SE) is is an SE DSIG working document, which is derived from a variety of sources, including the SE Conceptual Model, the SE UML Prototype and Evaluation effort, RFI responses, and related documentation (e.g. papers,).  The analysis is organized into categories corresponding to system structure, behavior, properties, requirements, verification, and a general category. For each category, the key concept is defined, perceived issues are identified relative to expressing the concepts in UML 1.x, and alternative approaches are provided to address the issues when available.

The initial version 0.1  was developed and reviewed at the Orlando SE DSIG meeting in June 2002. Review comments were included as redlines in version 0.2. An action was assigned to SE DSIG members to provide any additional updates to V0.2 to by COB July 22. to incorporate into V0.5.

This document provides a means to communicate our requirements to UML 2.0 Submitters in the near term, to assist in assessing how their submissions address SE concerns. The end of year goal is to release V1.0 following the November, 2002 SE DSIG meeting, along with an Systems Engineering OMG Technology Roadmap. The V1.0 document is expected to be fairly stable, although it clearly will continue to evolve as we gain feedback from the application of UML for SE from industry, tool vendors, and academia. The Technology Roadmap will define how to proceed through the OMG technology adoption process to implement the V1.0 requirements.  It is anticipated that the roadmap will include a Request for Proposal for a SE UML Profile, which hopefully can be issued in the first half of 2003.

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The following artifacts support the Requirements Analysis for SE UML:




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