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OMG Systems Modeling Language (OMG SysML™)



OMG SysML announcement notice


SysML is a general purpose graphical modeling language for specifying, analyzing, designing, and verifying complex systems that may include hardware, software, information, personnel, procedures, and facilities. The language represents a subset of UML with extensions needed to satisfy the requirements of the UMLTM for Systems Engineering RFP.

The  UML for Systems Engineering RFP was issued by the Object Management Group (OMG) on March 28, 2003. The RFP was developed by the OMG SE DSIG in cooperation with the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) and the ISO AP233 Working Group, and contains the requirements for the modeling language. Background related to the SE DSIG and development of the UML for Systems Engineering RFP can be found at

SysML Partners was established in May, 2003 to respond to the requirements in the UML for SE RFP. The initial v0.3 of the specification was presented to the INCOSE International Workshop on January 25-26, 2004, and the initial submission was presented to the OMG ADTF on February 4, 2004. SysML Partners submitted v0.9 of the specification to the OMG on January 10, 2005, and INCOSE conducted a review in late January. The Stereotypes & Model Libraries Chapter was submitted as an amendment to the vv0.9 specification on May 30, 2005.  In July 2005, a multi-vendor demonstration of the v0.9 specification was presented to INCOSE at the International Symposium in Rochester.

On August 30, 2005, the SysML Partners split into two teams to finalize the specification. Both teams submitted final drafts of the SysML Specification to the OMG on November 14, 2005. INCOSE and the OMG performed an evaluation of the two submissions.  The evaluation results were presented to the OMG at the February 2006 meeting in Tampa. At this meeting, the two submission teams announced the formation of the SysML Merge Team (SMT) with a single submission.

The SysMLSpecification Draft v1.0 dated 03 April 2006 and errata are included below along with the supporting documents which include the XMI serialization of the SysML Profile and the SysML Glossary. The vote to request  adoption of the OMG SysML specification was unanimously approved by the OMG at the St Louis meeting on April 26, 2006. The UML for SE RFP and other historical data are also included below.

SysML Merge Team (SMT)

Final Submission

SMT Final Revised Submission Presentation to ADTF (ad/06-04-08) - 26 April 2006

SysML Specification v1.0 Draft (ad/06-03-01) - 3 April 2006

Errata (ad/06-04-07) to SysML Specification v1.0 Draft - 25 April 2006

SysML v1.0 Draft Support Document - XMI v2.1 Serialization (ad/06-03-02) - 3 April 2006

SysML v1.0 Draft Support Document - Glossary (ad/06-03-04) - 3 April 2006



Previous SysML Merge Team Draft

SysML Specification v0.99 Draft (ad/06-02-01) - 13 Feb 2006

SysML Merge Team presentation to the ADTF (ad/06-02-05) - 15 Feb 2006

SysML Evaluation Results


INCOSE Evaluation

INCOSE Evaluation Presentation to ADTF (ad/2006-02-03) - 15 Feb06

INCOSE Evaluation Executive Summary - 25 Jan 06

INCOSE Evaluation Reviewers - 25 Jan 06

INCOSE Evaluation Issue List - 25 Jan 06

INCOSE Evaluation Issue Discussion - 25 Jan 06

Herzog Requirements Comments - 25 Jan 06


OMG Evaluation

OMG Evaluation Presentation to ADTF (ad/2006-02-04) - 15 Feb06


Previous SysML Submissions for Evaluation

SysML Submission Team (SST)

SST SysML v0.98 convenience document (ad/06-01-03) with errata (ad/2006-01-02applied - 23 Jan 2006

SST SysML v0.98 Profile XMI v2.1 Serialization (ad/06-01-04) - 23 Jan 2006

SST SysML v0.98 Glossary (ad/06-01-05) - 23 Jan 2006

SST SysML v0.98 errata (ad/06-01-02) - 23 Jan 2006

SysML Specification Draft (ad/05-11-01) - 14 Nov 2005

SysML Revised Submission Presentation to OMG (ad/05-11-02) - 07 Dec 2005

SysML Partners (SP)

SysML Specification Draft (ad/05-11-05 and ad/05-11-06 ) - 14 Nov 2005

SysML Revised Submission Presentation to OMG (ad/05-12-07) - 07 Dec 2005

Previous Material

SysML INCOSE MDSD Review - 10 July 2005

SysML Status to ADTF - 14 Sept, 2005

SysML Specification v0.9 Draft - 10 Jan 2005
- Profiles and Model Libraries Chapter Draft - 30 May 2005 [v0.9 addendum]

UML for SE RFP (Requirements & Evaluation Criteria in Sections 6.5 and 6.8)

UML for Systems Engineering RFP (ad-03-03-41) - 28 March 2003




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