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Knowledge Discovery Metamodel (KDM)

 Knowledge Discovery Metamodel (KDM) is a publicly available specification from the Object Management Group (OMG). KDM is a common intermediate representation for existing software systems and their operating environments, that defines common metadata required for deep semantic integration of Application Lifecycle Management tools. KDM is designed as the OMG's foundation for software modernization, IT portfolio management and software assurance. KDM is a metamodel for knowledge discovery in software. It defines a common vocabulary of knowledge related to software engineering artifacts, regardless of the implementation programming language and runtime platform - a checklist of items that a software mining tool should discover and a software analysis tool can use. KDM is designed to enable knowledge-based integration between tools. More specifically, KDM uses Meta-Object Facility (MOF) to define an interchange format between tools that work with existing software as well as an abstract interface (API) for the next-generation assurance and modernization tools. Read more for the technical overview of KDM

KDM specification has been developed since 2003 by a consortium of companies interested in architecture-driven modernization and knowledge discovery in software engineering artifacts. Currently, Dr. Nikolai Mansourov is chairing the OMG Revision Task Force for Knowledge Discovery Metamodel (KDM RTF). Learn more about the history of KDM.

Read also Wikipedia article on KDM for more information and links to related concepts.

Knowledge Discovery Metamodel addresses the need to integrate various software tools that analyze ''existing software systems''. Learn more about the deep semantic integration of application lifecycle management tools supported through KDM

This need was first realized by the so-called ''software modernization'' community - a mature industry of tool providers that support maintenance and evolution phase of software development. Now, the idea of deep semantic integration based on open standard ontology was embraced by several Application Lifecycle Management Tool companies and Static Code Analysis community. Learn more why KDM is the foundation for Software Assurance Ecosystem .

Read about a case study that shows why organizations that provide tools and services for software development lifecycle may need KDM.



Redefining Static Analysis, A Standards Approach
By Rama S. Moorthy, CEO, and Ioan (Mike) Oara, CTO, Hatha Systems
From BITS Financial Services Roundtable's The Innovator, June 2011, Vol. 4, Issue 2

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