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Company Overview: Axellience is a leading specialist of Modeling and Meta-modeling in the cloud. Axellience is both a technology provider for modeling in the browser and the GenMyModel editor.
Product/Service Description: GenMyModel is the online collaborative modeling platform. The model editor was completely designed with the user in mind for a radically different modeling experience: simpler, more intuitive, and faster. Software engineers and developers can currently design UML, BPMN2, Database. More models and diagrams will be added. Model designs can be shared with other team members allowing members to collaborate on the same project, even in real time. The platform also allows users to generate code using standard generators or by uploading their own. Project documentation can be exported as a PDF. GenMyModel has a public API available that extends the uses of the platform. A searchable model repository allows developers and engineers to search for ideas and fork existing models.
Structural Modeling Diagrams: Class Diagrams, Object Diagrams
Behavioral Modeling Diagrams: Use Case Diagrams, Activity Diagrams, State Machine Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams
Sales Contact: Alexis Muller
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Sales Contact Phone: +333 59 61 07 19
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