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Company Overview: Jaczone was founded in 2000 by Dr. Ivar Jacobson and Agneta Jacobson. Jaczone has successfully acquired customers among Fortune 500 companies and government agencies all over the world. Jaczone enables software organizations across the world to implement cost effective software development practices. Although many companies make significant investments in processes and tools, they never reach their objectives – or reap the anticipated bottom-line benefits. Jaczone’s products help customers today to gain long-term value from investments in commercial process and modeling products by implementation of best practices for Requirements, Modeling, Documentation, Process, and Testing. Installing an efficient software development process is a complex endeavor, and Jaczone’s flagship tool suite, WayPointer, creates a unique approach that minimizes the time to value and guarantees repeatable success.
Product/Service Description: Jaczone Essential Modeler is a free visual modeling tool that allows you to create UML use-case and class models. Typically UML tools are too complex and feature-laden for analysts to be effective with these tools. This is no surprise since they try to support everything from business analysis to writing implementation code. However, the needs are quite different for analysts and software engineers. Jaczone Essential Modeler is designed with the business and system analyst in mind and to be as easy to use as possible. The complexity and clutter that are typical for many other UML-tools have been reduced to a minimum. In spite of this, Jaczone Essential Modeler is full-featured and includes and improves on the key features found in other tools. This means that analysts quickly and accurately can model system requirements and architecture without having to be an expert on complicated modeling languages or all-encompassing integrated development environments. Jaczone Essential Modeler offers the following: * Support for the essential elements of UML2 for use-case modeling and class modeling * Model browser * Full featured diagram editor * Unlimited undo/redo * Navigable links between diagrams * Links to external documents * Smart diagram layout * Copy/Paste of diagrams to other applications such as Microsoft Word * Clean and easy-to-use user interface with native look and feel * Printing of diagrams * Integration with Jaczone WayPointer Import/Export of models to IBM Rational Software Modeler and IBM Rational Software Architect * Lower than average hardware requirements * Built on state of the art Eclipse technology
Structural Modeling Diagrams: Package Diagrams, Class Diagrams, Composite Structure
Behavioral Modeling Diagrams: Use Case Diagrams, Communication Diagrams
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Sales Contact Phone: +4687512500
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