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Company Overview: Kennedy Carter provide a complete solution to help system developers use the OMG's Model Driven Architecture (MDA) approach to system development using Executable UML specifications. The solution includes a comprehensive suite of modelling and code generation tools, with the training and consultancy services required to support users in all aspects of model driven development.
Product/Service Description: iUML comprises a modeler and simulator. The iUML modeler permits the intelligent capture of platform independent, executable UML™ models with the UML diagrams being supported by the action semantics-compliant Action Specification Language (ASL). The iUML simulator provides an execution environment in which models can be executed, debugged, viewed and tested. The iUML family supports pre-defined mappings to platform specific implementations which preserve the semantics of the application. The iCCG product supports the definition of user configurable mappings from Platform Independent Models to Platform Specific Implementation. The mappings are specified using executable UML™ models. This flexible approach allows users to define mappings to platform specific implementations for a range of application categories. Examples include small embedded real-time systems, using MISRA C and OSEK, through to large distributed systems exploiting technologies such as CORBA®, EJB's and XML.
Structural Modeling Diagrams: Package Diagrams, Class Diagrams
Behavioral Modeling Diagrams: Use Case Diagrams, State Machine Diagrams, Communication Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams
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