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Company Overview: LieberLieber Software GmbH is an internationally operating company and solution partner of Sparx Systems, specialising in EA add-ins and customizations for innovative companies in the sectors: automotive, aerospace and defence, medical equipment, mechanical engineering, embedded systems and software development. Enterprise Architect and our flagship-product AM|USE build the basis for our customer solutions in the domains of software architecture, requirements engineering and optimization of development processes. Together with our competent and complimentary partners like Willert software tools GmbH LieberLieber develops reliable solutions based on state-of-the-art technologies such as interactive UML/SysML, Model-Simulation, MDD, DSL, DME for .NET and embedded systems.
Product/Service Description: What AMUSE is good for? AMUSE extends Enterprise Architect with rich simulation, execution and code generation capabilities. It enables you to: Executing behavior models (state machines and activities) directly in the Enterprise Architect Developing UML models in an interactive way: Simulating events Broadcasting messages Monitoring and changing attribute values at runtime Controlling external systems by UML in real time mode (Sumo Video) Testing your model behaviors manually or with predefined sequence diagrams Testing your model using external components and resources Validating and improving the model quality using AMUSE validation and auto-correction rules Generating behavior C-Code optimized for embedded devices How AMUSE works? AMUSE generates, compiles and executes .NET code on the fly AMUSE animates UML diagrams synchronously to the running code AMUSE allows you to interact with the running code e.g. via clicking on diagram or changing attribute values in the simulation control panel AMUSE is focused on an interactive development of UML models. The code-based model execution allows to combine full power of UML and .NET For embedded systems, AMUSE generates C-Code and deploys it into your IDE project on demand
Structural Modeling Diagrams:
Behavioral Modeling Diagrams: Activity Diagrams, State Machine Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams
Sales Contact: Daniel Siegl
Sales Contact Email: [email protected]
Sales Contact Phone: +43 662 90600 2017
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OMG Membership Level: Contributing


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