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Company Overview: North State Software is a product and development services company specializing in machine control, robotics and automation. Leveraging our software platforms, North State Framework™ and North State Controls™, we drive down initial and recurring development costs by delivering flexible and scalable solutions.
Product/Service Description: The North State Framework™ (NSF™) is an object-oriented framework for implementing state machines based designs. Following the UML 2.3 specification, NSF allows for highly modular and extensible designs by supporting state machine inheritance and composition. It includes an application framework and execution engine which make it easy to translate UML state machine diagrams into fully functional code. The framework is available in C# and C++, and is currently deployed in over 800 devices world-wide. NSF simplifies the process of implementing UML state machines. The framework classes map directly to UML diagram elements, so that working executable code can be created in a straightforward, methodical fashion. NSF is perfect for hand-coding UML model based designs or embedding into UML based modeling tools. For more details, download the software development kit (SDK), which contains example code and framework documentation.
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Behavioral Modeling Diagrams: State Machine Diagrams
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