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Company Overview: We are Software Engineers. Our team includes some of the best architects and engineers in the industry. Our software engineering practice is about helping clients demystify and manage complex technical challenges. Our sweet spot is building and supporting open-standards based, mission-critical, high performance, real-time middleware systems. OCI has been supporting the Open Source movement for over 23 years. We advocate for solutions that are vendor-neutral, reusable, scalable and affordable. OCI engineers have developed, matured and actively maintain ten (10) Open Source projects, including TAO, OpenDDS, Grails, and more. OCI's Professional IT Training program includes 100+ pragmatic, hands-on courses and workshops. The same architects and engineers who design and build our client solutions and Open Source products deliver our training. Please visit to learn more about our service offerings, Open Source middleware technologies, and professional IT training.
Product/Service Description: Your ability to keep pace with business demands is dependent on your architecture. Is it easy to quickly add software capabilities that integrate with existing investments? Because your software landscape is often an accumulation of point-in-time decisions (sometimes with intended or unintended proprietary bias), your architecture may begin to look like a tapestry of tools; legacy systems and diverse platforms make the problem even thornier. All the while, you’re expected to maintain pace with the demands of business, increase business intelligence capabilities and improve your speed to market and uptime, all while reducing overall costs. We offer the experience to help you address the architectural challenges caused by today's fast-paced technology evolution. Our technologically diverse and experienced staff enable you to stay focused on your business needs by helping you avoid dependencies on inadequate, costly, and dead-end technology solutions. We can help you quickly unwind the accumulation of point-in-time decisions. OCI offers a complete range of training programs for developers moving into objects for the first time, or those engaged in advanced distributed systems design. OCI has been doing OO training for over 21 years. Our instructors are experienced in applying UML to assist in analysis, design and development of systems in a variety of languages. We are also very experienced with CORBA with Java and C++, the use of open source CORBA products, TAO and JacORB‚ as well as the implications of migration from older CORBA technologies. Training may be delivered at the client site or through open enrollment in our offices in St. Louis. The focus as always is on standards, and the design and implementation of open systems. Visit for more information.
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