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Company Overview: SOFTEAM, specialist in new systems and software architecture, provides consulting, training and tooling support to help make your project a success. The Modelio/UML & BPMN case tool has a unique capacity to model complex systems, accelerate your software development, and improve your software program quality. Modelio’s predecessor, Objecteering/UML was the first CASE tool to support the MDA approach (since 1991 and particularly 1999). Modelio integrates UML, BPMN, Requirement, Goals modeling, with extensions for most OMG standards (SysML, MARTE, SoaML, …). Modeliosoft is a subsidiary company, 100% owned by SOFTEAM.
Product/Service Description: The Modelio Environment provides integrated support of all major modeling and methodological standards. With their complete and practical extension mechanisms, open source base and teamwork support, multi-projects/models governance support, Modeliosoft Solutions is the tool of choice for Enterprise Modeling. Modeliosoft provides 3 ready-to-use products adapted to 3 fields of application: Modelio BA This product provides complete support of enterprise architecture, to manage the complexity of the enterprise and the information system and to define an enterprise repository shared by all participants. It is designed for business architects to support the modeling of business processes (BPM) and process or application mapping. Requirement, goal and risk modeling is included in this product, as well as the customizable production of documents or intranets. Modelio BA is based on the BPMN, UML, Archimate and TOGAF standards, and can be adapted to various Enterprise Architecture, BPM or business architecture approaches. Modelio SA This product is used to model technical systems (SysML), military architecture frameworks (UPDM, NAF, DoDAF, MODAF) and data. Requirement, goal, Business rule and risk modeling is included in this product, as well as the customizable production of documents or intranets. Modelio SD This product is used for UML application modeling, code generation and support of Java, C#, C++, SQL and several other languages, with code/model synchronization. Check out Modelio unique capacities: • World Wide Modeling: Your Model Repository is the WEB, enabling an easy distribution and sharing of models for federated and distributed organizations. Modelio Constellation manages multi-projects, centralized administration, project portfolios, global policies, procedures and access rights for users and projects. • Multi-standard Modelio integrates all the latest modeling standards (UML, BPMN, SysML, UPDM, Archimate, TOGAF, …) and supports the interoperability formats (XMI, BPMN XML, Archimate, ReqIf) used to guarantee the exchange of models between different tools. Integrated in a single repository, this feature ensures a broad modeling scope with consistency and traceability support. • Requirement analysis integrated with models : Requirements, Goals, Risks, Business Rules and business dictionary are model elements that can be graphically combined with other models, handled in spreadsheet views, and traced with any othe model element. • Model driven and roundtrip code generation providing a smooth and agile Model/Code permanent consistency, including Tests and dedicated documents generation • Document generation, customized by templates, enabling roundtrip edition (MS-Word to Modelio) and WEB publishing. • Open source / professional ecosystem • Customization and openness of its metamodel, through the Modelio Studio tool, its Java or Jython customization environment, its profile support and its flexible « module » packaging means. See to: • Evaluate Modelio • See Videos • Read whitepapers and case studies
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