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Company Overview: BluePhoenix Solutions (NASDAQ: BPHX) leads the Enterprise IT Modernization (EIM) market by developing unique solutions that enable companies to automate the process of modernizing and upgrading their existing mainframe and distributed IT infrastructure, thus quickly and cost-effectively extending the ROI of their IT systems. The company’s comprehensive suite of tools and services reduces the cost of renovation and speeds up the renewal process. BluePhoenix has over 500 employees staffing 12 offices throughout the world, including locations in the USA, UK, Denmark, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Israel, and Australia. The company’s major shareholder is Formula Systems (NASDAQ: FORTY), an international Information Technology company principally engaged in providing software products, solutions, and services in various vertical markets.
Product/Service Description: BluePhoenix offers the following customer solutions: ENTERPRISE IT UNDERSTANDING Consolidated warehousing of IT operational and development information, enabling companies to better understand their IT environment, more efficiently manage IT systems, integrate new software packages, reuse existing systems, and build new applications. In addition, these solutions enable companies to reduce maintenance costs and prepare for ongoing modernization of their COBOL applications. Solutions: BluePhoenix™ IT Discovery BluePhoenix™ LogicMiner ENTERPRISE IT MIGRATION Automated solutions that enable companies to consolidate and eliminate a wide range of legacy technologies through automated migrations of applications, databases, platforms, programming languages, and data. These solutions help reduce costs and resources, and minimize reliance on proprietary technology, sunset products, and dwindling skill sets. The migrated applications can then be extended more easily and effectively to meet business requirements. In addition, BluePhoenix offers a post-migration Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) enablement solution that allows transforming application components into Web services. Solutions: BluePhoenix™ DBMSMigrator BluePhoenix™ PlatformMigrator BluePhoenix™ LanguageMigrator BluePhoenix™ DataMigrator ENTERPRISE IT REMEDIATION Automated solutions that enable companies to extend the life of their existing IT systems by quickly adapting to new regulatory changes and business requirements. These automated tools can be easily customized to fit any IT environment and corporate need, including data field adjustment, IT standardization, and system consolidation. Solutions: BluePhoenix™ FieldEnabler BluePhoenix™ StandardsEnabler BluePhoenix™ COBOL/LE-Enabler BluePhoenix™ EuroEnabler ENTERPRISE IT REDEVELOPMENT Solutions that enable companies to mine existing applications by extracting business rules, data flows, and data models, and thus reuse the proven code base to create more flexible, Java/Web-based applications. The ongoing development cycle can then be managed for all application components across technology boundaries using an open, scalable, object repository. These tools help reduce maintenance costs and resources, and application development time-to-market. Solutions: BluePhoenix™ AppBuilder BluePhoenix™ Nebula
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