Canarys Automations Ltd.

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Company Overview: Canarys is into the business of developing and delivering standards based enterprise software asset management product to software delivery organizations (SDO) in India and the United States of America. Through its products and implementation capability,Canrys aims at being recognized and accepted by its customers and partners as a global company that offers cost-effective, standards based software asset creation and variation solution.
Product/Service Description: The Productized solution named ‘Scorpus’ is based on OMG's Reusable Asset Specefication. It helps provide customer specific product composition, that leverages existing tools and technology available at customer site to create set of interrelated and completely reusable software assets. Using Scorpus SDO’s can harvest /create software assets by capturing the asset details and metadata at the source and then the assets are made available across the organization for Reuse
Sales Contact: Pushparaj Shetty
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Sales Contact Phone: 91-98453 64570
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