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Company Overview: MOST Technologies, Ltd. is a leading provider of automated solutions to modernize mainframe-based legacy systems. MOST has focused on developing tools and methodologies that provide a service to customers with applications based on Software Ag products – ADABAS, NATURAL. MOST solutions include:
  • ADABAS to DB2/Oracle
  • IMS to DB2/Oracle
  • NATURAL to COBOL or Java
  • NATURAL to Cobol with JAVA for the presentation layer
  • JCL conversion
  • Cross Platform migration of Mainframe applications to UNIX/LINUX platforms
  • Generation of 3-Tier architecture

MOST solutions are delivered using

  • OnTarget migration tools
  • Skilled professionals
  • Proven methodology
Product/Service Description: MOST migration solutions include:
  • Enterprise Assessment
  • Database Migration
  • NATURAL/ADABAS application transformation
  • Cross Platform Migration

MOST migration solutions can be applied as separate assignments or bundled into one project depending on the scope of migration and the customer’s needs. The MOST migration solution benefits from the use of MOST proprietary technology – OnTarget – a complete set of integrated tools to handle all aspects of migration from the SAG application environment to the environment of choice.

Enterprise Assessment

Enterprise Assessment allows a customer to understand the impact of migrating a specific set of legacy mainframe applications.

The Enterprise Assessment process significantly reduces risk relating to the migration project and allows the customer to make migration decisions based on complete understanding of work to be done

All entities relating to the application inventory are stored within the OnTarget repository and are analyzed using OnTarget tools The process of assessment will determine the following:

  • Implications of database migration to DB2 or Oracle
  • Missing entities that are required to perform the migration
  • Redundant entities that are not in active use by the application
  • Proposed break point for phasing the migration process
  • Resources required to deliver the project
  • Time-table for Project migration
  • Obtain an accurate assessment of project related costs

Database Migration

MOST's highly automated Database Migration solution provides for the accurate and rapid migration of legacy Database and their Applications. MOST’s migration to Relational DB provides:

  • full preservation of the business logic throughout the application;
  • maximum automation for all phases of the migration process;
  • automatic database remodeling, data migration and software conversion

MOST’s OnTarget migration tools deliver:

  • Design of a normalized relational data model
  • Automatic generation of database DDL’s
  • Automatic generation of the migration programs to migrate data to the new RDBMS
  • Automatic application language conversion to support the new RDBMS

NATURAL/ADABAS application transformation

Using OnTarget, MOST provides transformation of NATURAL/ADABAS applications as follows:

  • NATURAL to Java
  • NATURAL to a combined Web-enabled Java (JEE) -COBOL environment

The transformed application has a 3-Tier application architecture consisting of:

  • Presentation layer – managing all online interaction between the end user and the application
  • Business Logic layer - where the business processing of the application takes place
  • Data access layer – manages all database access

The NATURAL/ADABAS Transformation solution provides the enterprise with 2 key benefits:

  • Ensures a quality-driven transformation process that delivers an operational COBOL and/or Java application identical in functionality to the originating NATURAL/ADABAS system.
  • Provides the foundation for greater application flexibility, re-use of application components, ease of maintenance and improved database management

Cross Platform Migration

MOST provides Cross Platform migration from IBM Mainframe platforms to Linux and UNIX platforms. The scope of the cross platform migration activities include:

  • Application software
  • Database
  • 3rd Party products
  • Operating environment

The migration process is an all encompassing process built to ensure the delivery of a fully operational application platform functionally equivalent to the source environment.

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