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Company Overview: iWay Software, an Information Builders company and the world's leading adapter vendor, accelerates business integration by providing tools that make service-oriented architectures easy to implement. Clients achieve short-term ROI by using iWay tools to reduce custom programming and solve problems quickly, while incrementally creating an architecture that supports long-term projects. The biggest names in software, including BEA, Microsoft, and SAP, use iWay adapters to simplify access to ERP and CRM systems, messaging, legacy systems, e-business protocols like AS2 and ebXML, and more. Additional message transformation and data integration make iWay a natural integration choice – standalone or with other middleware.
Product/Service Description: For organizations trying to get the most out of existing applications and infrastructure investments, iWay SOA Middleware offers the fastest way available to create powerful, reusable business services from existing applications. No other software suite provides an easier route to composite services that augment, reuse, and replace services created in packaged applications like SAP and J.D. Edwards or in technologies such as J2EE™, .NET™, CICS™, Tuxedo™, and CORBA. iWay Software provides better interoperability for more infrastructure components than anyone on the market. We proved it by becoming the industry's source for interoperability and adapter solutions. Our technology makes all aspects of your existing infrastructure every major integration, application, and development platform work in concert, so it's easy to follow service-oriented architecture (SOA) and event-driven architecture (EDA) principles while rapidly developing new business applications.
Sales Contact: Jake Freivald
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Sales Contact Phone: 917-339-5263
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