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Company Overview: MEGA International is a global software and consulting services company that helps corporations and government agencies manage enterprise complexity by giving them an interactive view of their operations. We provide business leaders with the visibility and information they need to improve decision making. With our offering for enterprise governance, organizations can optimize and transform their key processes while ensuring that those processes are aligned with their strategy and objectives. Today more than 2,700 companies in 40 different countries use MEGA solutions.
Product Category : Enterprise Architecture, Business Architecture, Business Process, Application Portfolio Management
Product/Service Description: Powered by our signature platform, HOPEX, MEGA’s secure, web-based solutions give businesses the tools they need to obtain a comprehensive overview of their organization – tailored to the needs of each type of stakeholder – and help them design and implement agile information systems, streamlined business processes, and optimized operating frameworks aligned with their business strategies.
Sales Contact: David Cutler
Sales Contact Email: [email protected]
+1 (781) 784-7684 +1 (781) 784-7684
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