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Quick Fact #1: Message interoperability reduces costs, increases data quality and increases revenue. By automating interoperability between disparate systems, MDMI improves communications, helps reduce errors and provides a way to address future business changes.

Quick Fact #2: MDMI provides a solution for the pervasive and never-ending problem inherent in business processes between different organizations: interoperability of information and co-existence of electronic messages.

OMG's MDMI provides the financial industry with the means for sharing costs of adoption via a dedicated, expert team working to provide proof of business and technical value on an aggressive schedule. Initial participants in the MDMI Consortium include FireStar Software, HSBC, SWIFT and Progress Software.

Quick Fact #3: Adoption of MDMI increases the quality of message processing and significantly reduces the cost, time and effort of messaging for organizations that need to exchange electronic messages with other organizations.

Quick Fact # 4: the OMG Architecture Board formally approved Version 1.0 of the MDMI Standard in September 2009.

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