Entity Definition

Logical Name : Holiday
Physical Name : CO_HLDY

An indentified, named, defined day or set of days that marks the celebrationof a religious, national, cultural, political or other event of signifcance to a retailer's customer and as such represents an opportunity to align products, services, promotions, and other retailer initaitives with them to generate demand. Examples will vary by country, religion, culture, region, etc. Chrismas Back to School July 4 Bastilled Day etc.

Data Definition

Attribute Description Physical Name Domain Data Type Foreign Key Table
OccasionName (PK) The name ofr the Holiday instance NM_HLDY Name varchar(40)
SecularCelebrationEventCode A retailer assigned value that indicates the kind of Secular event being celebrated during a holiday event. This is a retailer assigned value. Examples: PRESIDENTS DAY 4TH OF JULY DAY CD_SCLR_CLBRTN_EV Code varchar(20)
OccasionDescription Short narrative description of the Holiday. DE_HLDY DescriptionShort varchar(255)
ISOCountryCode (FK) The ISO-3166-1 two letter code denoting a locality in which the retailer does business. CD_CY_ISO Code2 char(2) ISO3166-1Country(LO_CY_ISO)
ReligionName (FK) Name of religion sect within a religion family. 1 Abrahamic religions 1.1 Babism 1.2 Bah�'� Faith 1.3 Christianity 1.3.1 Other groups 1.4 Druze 1.5 Gnosticism 1.6 Islam 1.7 Judaism 1.8 Rastafari movement 1.9 Mandaeans and Sabians 1.10 Samaritanism 1.11 Shabakism 2 Indian religions 2.1 Ayyavazhi 2.2 Bhakti movement 2.3 Buddhism 2.4 Din-i-Ilahi 2.5 Hinduism 2.6 Jainism 2.7 Meivazhi 2.8 Sikhism 3 Iranian religions 3.1 Manichaeism 3.2 Mazdakism 3.3 Mithraism 3.4 Yazd�nism 3.5 Zoroastrianism 4 East Asian religions 4.1 Confucianism 4.2 Shinto 4.3 Taoism 4.4 Other 5 African diasporic religions 6 Indigenous traditional religions 6.1 African 6.2 American 6.3 Eurasian 6.4 Oceania/Pacific 6.4.1 Cargo cults 7 Historical polytheism 7.1 Ancient Near Eastern 7.2 Indo-European 7.3 Hellenistic 8 Mysticism and Occult 8.1 Esotericism and mysticism 8.2 Occult and magic 9 Neopaganism 9.1 Syncretic 9.2 Ethnic 10 New religious movements 10.1 Creativity 10.2 New Thought 10.3 Shinshukyo 11 Left-hand path religions 12 Fictional religions 13 Parody or mock religions 14 Others NM_RLGN Code varchar(20) ReligionType(LU_RLGN_TYP)
ReligionFamilyCode (FK) Abrahamic religions 2 Indian religions 3 Iranian religions 4 East Asian religions 5 African diasporic religions 6 Indigenous traditional religions 7 Historical polytheism 8 Mysticism and Occult 9 Neopaganism 10 New religious movements 11 Left-hand path religions 12 Fictional religions 13 Parody or mock religions 14 Others CD_RLGN_FMY Code varchar(20) ReligionType(LU_RLGN_TYP)


Parent Entity Verb Phrase Child Entity
ReligionType is celebrated by Holiday
ISO3166-1Country is celebrated by Holiday
Holiday is celebrated by PromotionInitiative
Holiday characterizes MerchandiseHierarchyGroup

Logical Views containing Holiday

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Logical 01000 - Item Description - Macro View
Logical 01004 - Item Description - Branding
Logical 06100 - Calendar View
Logical 07040 - Customer Segment Dependent Behavior